DBLX Relational Database

DBLX is a simple, fast, and portable relational Database system.
DBLX is compatible with most operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Andriod.

DBLX was created to provide a true multi-platform rdbms with the following features:

The DBLX design philosophy

DBLX was created using a minimalist approach.

DBLX was created using a development process that results in very compact applications which contain only the most minimal required logic to accomplish a task.

Our approach is to start with the smallest model or design possible. As new features and functions are added, the developer goes back into the application and trys to reduce the amount of code needed to solve a problem.
Developers also need to have an eye on performance. When application code is being reduced, the developer should use any patterns or classes which provide the highest performance for a given operation.