DBLX Downloads and Documentation

The Documentation for DBLX is available online here.
The full set of Documentation is included with the DBLX download.

Binary Distributions

The binary distributions of DBLX are listed below.

The current version of DBLX is 3.0

DBLX_3_1_Java_src.zip   DBLX 3.1 Java Source Code. ZIP format file.   1179KB
DBLX_3_1_Java_Binaries.zip   DBLX 3.1 Java Binaries. ZIP format file.   1490KB
DBLX_3_1_NET_src.zip   DBLX3 C# Source Code. ZIP format file.   383KB
DBLX_3_1_NET_Binaries.zip   DBLX3 C# Binaries. ZIP format file.   582KB


If you need support for DBLX, please send an email to the developer at the address below.
We are happy to answer any questions you have, or assist with any issues you may find.

Checkout our Discussions section on SourceForge for more assistance and the latest DBLX news.


If you would like to be a contributing developer to The Database Project we would like to talk with you.
Please send an email to the address below with your request and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Note that we are unable to make phone calls outside the United States, so if you are in another locale please supply us with an email address we can use to contact you.

dblxsupport at dblxdatabase dot com