DBLX Features and Benefits

DBLX binaries are very small but scalability is large

The DBLX server executable has a size of just under 500Kb, but it is capable of loading up numerous database tables with tens-of-thousands of rows and multiple users on the server at the same time.

DBLX requires minimal configuration

DBLX does not require an installer to use. Just download the version for your platform, execute the startup script and DBLX is ready to use!
There are installers for all versions of Windows if you prefer an automated setup.

DBLX can be embedded

DBLX can be used as an embedded database engine in most environments which support .NET or Java, including Andriod, Windows Phone, Raspberry Pi, and Symbian. The embedded engine is just the standard DBLX engine with an additional library that provides SQL and Object-based queries based on needs.

Database technology you control

Most relational databases have a high cost of entry and require a lot of setup and administration. Backups are usually difficult and other daily and weekly maintenance must be performed regularly.
Relational Databases tend to be closed systems, which are hard to extend and can require special skill sets.

DBLX was designed to be simple to setup, and require almost no administration. We even made sure you could run a backup at any time without having to take down the server or interrupt your business.
DBLX will allow you to install the server and client components where you want them. You can choose from the command-line client, the java clients, .NET client, or the embedded client with support for SQL and data objects.
And, when you get your databases setup you can use the replication feature to share your databases between servers and mobile devices.