If you are using DBLX, you may have questions such as, 'What the f%#k?'

If you have a W.T.F. question about DBLX please email your request to us and we will get you an answer in the shortest time possible.

WTF?  Why create a relational database? There are many database applications already available.
A?  There were a lot of reasons to create DBLX, but the primary one was to learn more about multi-threaded applications and thread synchronization. Relational Databases support multiple clients contending for different table resources. To achieve this ability, and to do so without compromising performance made for a good challenge, and that was when the Database Project started.
As developers, we got into the project to learn more about threading. As we developed more and more of the database engine we had to continue to go back and see if there was a better or faster way to do things to ensure good performance. But as we progressed and saw that our approach was working, we all got a little ambitious and started to add more and more features.

WTF?  Where does the name DBLX come from?
A?  Its based on the actual appliction. DBLX is a database (DB) which has a small (Little) footprint and is internally based on XML.

WTF?  Why should anyone use DBLX?
A?  The primary reason for using DBLX is that you do not have to deal with running a database system on a specific platform.
DBLX will run on any platform you are already using, from smartphones to servers. You can setup a database on one platform and then move or replicate the data to another platform, or even a mobile device like Andriod or Symbian.
DBLX is also one of the simplest databases to setup and use. You can be using DBLX within minutes of download for whatever application you desire!
Imagine if instead of spending thousands of dollars on a program you have to install and administer for days before using, you can just download DBLX and start using the database now!
DBLX is Simple, Fast, and one of the most portable database engines available today!

WTF?  Does DBLX support SQL?
A?  DBLX does support ANSI SQL. Our SQL parser has been designed to make living with SQL much easier than in other databases.
The DBLX SQL parser will ignore case for SQL keywords, even allowing mixed case SQL. The parser also supports 'intelligent quotes', where either set of quote characters is allowed in a SQL statement, such as single-quote (' ') and double-quote (" ").
DBLX comes with a detailed users guide that includes samples of each SQL statement, and anything else you need to know to get the most out of DBLX.

WTF?  Does DBLX have all the features of an relational database?
A?  DBLX has the same features as most relational databases, but since the application is in development we have a few features which are not completed at this time.
DBLX does not support Indexes at this time. DBLX will support Indexes sometime in the future.

WTF?  Most databases support clients as multiple concurrent users. What about DBLX?
A?  DBLX can take whatever form you need it to. DBLX can be used by a multi-threaded web application as well as utilized by multiple concurrent users through the various clients. DBLX can also be placed on portable and mobile devices and run in client-server mode as well as running in embedded mode. Since DBLX is so small, simple to use and setup, it has an endless array of applications.

WTF?  Aren't there security problems with Java?
A?  DBLX is an Application. It does not utilize internet access and cannot be used from a web browser. The recent security issues with Java have been related to Java applets, which are executed in the browser. Standalone applications such as DBLX are not affected by the reported security issues.

WTF?  Does DBLX have a JDBC driver?
A?  Yes, there is a JDBC driver for DBLX. The driver is available on the downloads page.

WTF?  Does DBLX have an ADO.NET driver?
A?  Yes, there is an ADO.NET driver for DBLX. The driver is available on the downloads page.