How It Works

How Does it work?

In this section of the site we are going to cover everything about the DBLX technology, including all the ways you can setup and use the DBLX source code in your own projects. If you have a question about DBLX which is not covered here, please send us a message with your question and we will be happy to respond and share the information with everyone.

The Purpose of DBLX

DBLX was created so that other developers and users would have a database engine they could use in any application on any platform.
DBLX can be used as the backend to a web server, the data store for a single or multi-user application, or an embedded database engine.
DBLX can be hosted in the cloud, on a server, on a laptop, on a tablet, and even on most phones available today (Windows phone, Andriod, iOS, and Blackberry).
DBLX can also be used for other small devices like projects created with the Raspberry Pi.
DBLX is designed to make it easy to setup a database and share the data with any DBLX installation on any platform:

DBLX is actually the only database that can run on all scale of devices and platforms using a common file format and no installer.
If you ever needed a database that could seamlessly support the widest-range of applications and platforms, DBLX is your best choice.

Programming Language support

DBLX was created using Java. It was ported to C# from the Java codebase, and the source code is nearly identical in both langauges.
The port was intentionally done to ensure the code would be nearly identical, line for line, so that maintenance and changes would be easier to manage.
The initial reason for using Java was the need to write the database engine one time and have it work on most computing platforms, as well as Android and Symbian.
The port to C# was done later, for two reasons. The first reason to port to C# was Mono. Mono also allows the ability to write-once and deploy to any computing platform like Java.
The second reason to port to C# was so the source code could be made compatible with Windows Mobile and Xamarin as well.
DBLX has a common file format to persist its database tables. Any data created by DBLX can be copied or replicated to any other DBLX installation and it will work just fine.
With the ability to run DBLX on any platform in the language of your choosing, there is no where that you can't have a fully functioning relational database.

DBLX Source code

We have made the source code for DBLX3 and DBLX 2.2 available in Java and C#.
The contents of the source code ZIP files contain the details on how to build DBLX, and any other information needed to use the source code.